6 Causes Of Job Search Depression And How To Prevent It

Artistic jobs are great for people with anxiety. It can relieve your anxiety by giving you an outlet to express yourself, and being creative is a mindful process that can keep your mind off feeling anxious. There are numerous benefits to being your own boss. More and more young adults are choosing this option. Having your own business allows you the freedom to set your own hours and set up quiet spaces for working hours. There are plenty of options for setting up a cottage business in your community or one that you can run from your own home. What things are you already doing that could be used to generate income?

  • You probably have enough stuff rattling around in your head without a list of fifty helpful resources.
  • Those who listed financial concerns as their top source of stress often cited a perceived loss of identity as a close second.
  • Looking for a rewarding, low-stress job that gets you outdoors?
  • Sometimes a good chat is the best remedy for a tough emotional situation.

So as this quest for acceptance is ever continuing for the individual, the depression also continues to go on further. No matter where you live, there are usually openings for security positions in your area. Security guards can also work in a variety of venues, from corporate office buildings to museums, to construction sites and old buildings. Many companies need security workers to cover night shifts, making it a great option if you’re a natural night owl. There’s also often a lot of downtimes to explore other interests, read, or listen to music. There is a wide variety of careers in the industry, from professional landscaping to garden centers, to botanic gardens and greenhouses.

Managing Depression During A Job Search

Checking your industry job boards is a good place to start – just scroll through them and note which ones you should apply to for an hour, then after that you spend the time applying to them. Monster.com listings, linkedin, everything you cna think of. Linux Local colleges and universities, and local government are places a lot of people pass over for no good reason. You don’t need to be a professor to work at a college – they are huge bureaucracies that need administrators in addition to the educators.

Job Search Depression Exists and It Has to Be Addressed

If you’re someone who’s suffering from depression or loss of hope in your job search, this article can help you with tips on how to manage your job search depression. I quit my job on tuesday, Never came back on wednesday to work. It was a new job and I was there for a month and felt completely overwhelmed…

Remember that your personality is made up of a variety of different experiences, ideas, interests, perspectives and not just defined solely by your resume. Lean into these other aspects of your personality, use them to set personal goals, and try to rebuild your confidence along the way. Found that the longer adults in the U.S remain unemployed, the more likely they were to display signs of low psychological well-being.

On a positive note, high stress jobs can lead young adults and other people experiencing depression to mental health services and evidence based treatment, including support groups. There are few things more harmful to your self-esteem than endless rejections; it’s one of the worst things about dealing with job-search depression. It can pretty quickly start to feel like a horribly personal rejection of yourself, your ability and your ambition. If you take each ‘no’ to heart, you’re quickly going to lose confidence in yourself and this won’t help your job search. Hundreds of other people who applied for the same job will also be sitting feel dejected after receiving the same email as you. Write it off, learn from the experience and move on.

Not Knowing That The Situation Is Turning Into A Depression:

Consider a type of job that lets you put one of your hobbies or personal interests to work. If Job Search Depression you’re a master at working with your hands, the possibilities for creative work are limitless.

It’s also a good way to combat the isolation that many job seekers face. The personal expenditures that occur on the life of the person solely depend on the monthly income they receive. When they are unemployed they have no other source of income. So for them to manage all their personal finances, it becomes a very difficult and stressful task. At some point, they may not even meet all their expenditures at that moment. Thus as the personal finances of the individual cannot be managed further, they slowly start going into depression. Consider becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business.

If you need inspiration, there are some great resources online forresume formatsand templates, includingWorkopolis. Photo by jurien huggins on UnsplashI’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it a few more times yet. More than that, https://remotemode.net/ it can often feel demoralizing. The ongoing pandemic has sparked a lot of fears for people facing unemployment. For more interview tips, check out the CareerPrep blog and the CareerPrep and English Interviews Youtube channels.

They were in a role they neither chose nor wanted. Some clients were deaf or blind and lived on country roads far away from gainful employment– regardless of the economy. If your world has just turned upside-down because you lost grip of your life, remember Captain Remote Career in IT America. Just imagine Cap fighting for a good cause while taking control of his personal life, too. Instead, they powered up themselves to defend the universe. Before you fully embrace your strength, you must first defeat the sources of your job search frustration.

Job Search Depression Exists and It Has to Be Addressed

Sadly, sometimes honest conversations about mental health make a problem worse because people don’t understand. Know your environment to decide if a conversation would help. If you’re experiencing depression from work, your symptoms might be joined by anxiety. You might have mixed thoughts and feelings, too. It might be a relief to be fired from that job.

How To Cope With Job Search Depression

Sometimes career unhappiness can lead to discouragement, self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness and depression. Once this happens, it is difficult to muster the motivation to change your career or life situation. This can lead to a lack of self-esteem in your professional role while not necessarily in your basic self-concept as a person. Over time, other areas of life such as family or social life can be affected. Grab the reigns of job search process and keep job search depression at bay.

  • You could also try the anonymous helpline numbers available below if you need to speak to someone urgently but cannot figure out who.
  • The feelings of anxiety and inadequacy that Adrian speaks about are a common fallout from long-term job hunting.
  • Set a reasonable goal of how many applications you will do every day, taking into account that some applications could take whole days to complete.
  • Plenty of white collar jobs are doable from the comfort of your home.
  • While there might be stressful aspects to embarking on a new adventure like this, it can often be the perfect antidote to frustration with the corporate world.

Thoughts like these are known as irrational beliefs. They’re inaccurate and don’t represent who you are and what you do; however, depression makes you believe them. Working with a therapist who uses cognitive behavioral therapy can help you change your negative self-talk, ease your depression, and believe in your ability to take charge of your situation.

How To Deal With Job Search Depression

And some of these employment agencies only exacerbate the situation by the disgusting and inconsiderate way they treat job applicants. 5) Feeling of insignificance stemming from a lack of replies to your many cover letters and resumes sent out.

  • Rating each cause on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being very little and 5 being a lot is also helpful.
  • Evenings and weekends are best; don’t disrupt your schedule because a friend wants to have brunch on a Tuesday or lunch or something.
  • There is no such thing as a career with one company for your entire life anymore so adjust your mental thought processes.
  • Don’t resist it – that’s like resisting the tide.
  • When I look for companies, I tend to look in the education segment as they are more in my wheelhouse.
  • Putting yourself out there isn’t always easy, especially given that there’s “definitely a stigma” around unemployment, Dr. Maidenberg said.

At this moment, the problem of being unemployed suddenly comes in their lives. So they start getting uneasy and they know that they have to come with a solution as quickly as possible.

As someone who is living her dream, and starting writing because of an anxiety issue, I would say that if you have a passion for writing, give it a go. You might have to start off on very low wages to get the experience, but don’t be afraid to take criticism. Contactone of our counselors in Houston, TX for help with ananxietyand Depression? Our therapists are available for face to face sessions as online therapy sessions in limited areas. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. Workopolis is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers. Not only will this help you stay organized, it will also give you the opportunity to vent.

But if you need the job, losing it could have dire consequences. Everything swirls together in a perfect storm that deepens depression. Understanding depression from work can help you know how to deal with it. When the person is unemployed, they have no other choice other than looking out for a job.


There are helpful treatments available for SAD. Another way to approach your job hunt is to look for jobs where you can work during the seasons that you feel most healthy and well. Merchandising could be a great career choice for you. Most big box stores need merchandisers to help unload trucks and stock items throughout the store. This is a great option for people looking for an active job without strenuous mental requirements.

I am making enough on unemployment to pay my fixed bills. They tell me to apply with them, but I won’t be able to pay my bills on $11/hr. I just don’t want to rush into a situation where I would be struggling just because others are questioning why I haven’t received a job offer yet. Find an opportunity to talk to people who have great experience in your industry. Meet them for a one-off coffee, and you could get personal advice you are not going to receive anywhere else. When a person is unemployed, there is uncertainty in their life. This uncertainty is constant in nature as they do not know when or if they will ever be employed in their life once again.

There are plenty of online resources for learning to code, as well as a variety of boot camps and degree programs. For those just starting out, consider creating a simple app or game to test your skills, or volunteering for local businesses to boost your resume.

Mental Health Newsletter

And eventually they will start stressing out about the situation and it will turn into depression for not having a job. The stress causes the person not to think straight at times also. So the person may not even realize that their current situation and its stress are turning into a depression for them. So not realizing that this is happening is their major problem. Commiseration means some sympathy and sorrow given by a person for someone else’s misfortunes. In other words it is compassion given by someone else. When a person is looking out for a job, they do come across other job seekers also.

Job Search Depression Exists and It Has to Be Addressed

Networking is an essential part of your job search. Meet up with a friend for coffee and let him know you are on the job hunt. See if he knows anyone who is a recruiter or maybe works at a company that interests you. There are plenty of them out there and many are free. Often, they have lectures to try to attract new students, and this can be a great way to meet people. Job fairs can also be a great place to get in front of recruiters and pitch your skills.

How To Stop Being Depressed About Job Search

Every company you interview with will have a different timeline to hire a new candidate. Other companies go through a whole process to select who fits the mold of the company. Company timelines are not aligned with your timeline, so you must be extra patient.

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